Transportation by road is the most convenient, common and efficient type of cargo transportation.
The Dorado LLC company provides services for organizing and conducting container transportation with its OWN VEHICLE FLEET, which allows our company to reduce the cost and increase the quality of the services provided for the transportation of customer cargo, which together leads to an increase in the company's competitiveness in the market of transport and forwarding services.
Specialists of the transport department consult customers free of charge on any issues related to cargo transportation, promptly provide transportation rates and all the necessary information on possible routes and features of road transportation.

In addition to standard trucking, our company has extensive experience in organizing such types of cargo transportation as the transportation of oversized, heavy cargo, with the involvement of specialist consultants for loading / unloading and obtaining the necessary permits along the route.
The accumulated experience and responsible approach to our obligations allows us to guarantee the shortest delivery time and complete safety of cargo for any type of cargo, any direction and route.
You can calculate the cost of road transportation by contacting a specialist in the transport department

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